About Power Solution


Power Solution Twenty Four –Seven Pvt Ltd (Power Solution) is an established company and serving in the field of Power Solution and its repair and maintenance.

The company was registered in Office of Company Registrar, Nepal on January 02, 2010. Power Solution has own Sister concern company named Buddha Power and serving in the field of servicing, repair and maintenance of Generator, online offline UPS, Inverter etc., and registered in Office of Company Registrar, Nepal in the year of 2010.

Office for the both company is located in Putalisadak (In front of Singhadarbar / nearby Traffic Police Office), Kathmandu Nepal.

Company Name: Power Solution Twenty Four – Seven Pvt Ltd.
VAT No:  304238785
Company Name: Buddha Power & Electronics Pvt Ltd.
VAT No:  304011898

Sales Experience Of The Company

Generators, Inverter, Online/Offline UPS, Servo, Stabilizer, Solar Power etc sales in Bank, Finance Company, Cooperatives, Construction Companies, Printing Press and to the Individual Customers.



Institutional Member

of Federation of Computer Association Nepal

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